Sarah Love United

Sarah Love United is an organization dedicated to spreading True and Authentic Freedom, and Imagination across the World!  

Yes, I said the WORLD! 

 It’s time for a change. A big one.  This World, this gorgeous and glorious World has hit a tipping point, one where the selfishness of the human race must stop and we all stand for truth. 

We all are miraculous beings of love and light. We are whole and complete. We are meant to come together and unite as ONE. 

Not judge, blame and separate because of fear. We are meant to live in harmony, joy and create life from grace. 


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Its time to tap back into your imagination and live the life your SOUL has designed for YOU! 

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"Let's talk about Freedom!"

Join me on Facebook LIVE every Thursday at 11am EST

Where I will teach and coach you on true and authentic freedom! 

I will be bringing the energetic, physical, mental and...

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