Love, SARAH Foundation

"Let's talk about Freedom!"

Join me on Facebook Live every Thursday 11am EST

Where I will teach and coach you on true and authentic freedom! 

I will be bringing the energetic, physical, mental, and emotional components to freeing your highest self!

With me will be Jason Botts, a powerful mindset coach, and he will share his steps on freeing yourself from the heavy thoughts weighing you down!! He’s awesome at this! The mind must be trained!

I will be downloading some awesome healing frequencies for you all that day and you will experience true FREEDOM with me on this call!

All donations go to the Love, Sarah Foundation!!

This money will go towards the production and distribution of a video game technology that will teach a higher-self based and more evolved education for our children and generations to come!

This teaching program will teach our youth all the things you wish you would have learned in school!!


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the Love, SARAH Foundation


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