VOICE YOUR IMAGINATION Course - led by Sarah Love


8-Week Live Training Course to Discover and Live your Life with Authentic Freedom


Its time to tap back into our imagination and live the life your SOUL has designed for YOU! 

As a child, we easily live in our imagination and are full of hope and joy! 

Then something happens - a point where we stop playing and connecting. 

In our society - imagination is not accepted! 

We are often told it’s made up, it’s not real, and on and on.

If you go back to a time when you were a kid everything was an adventure and even the ordinary was extraordinary! 

See, I believe our imagination is our truth!

It’s our soul’s design and we are absolutely meant to fully embody it, live in it, and then help others do the same.

Any real business or movement that is from the heart has imagination in it (whether people are aware of it or not).

The more we plug into this deeper part of our mind - the more we will create a world beyond our reason or logic.  

Imagination is not logical - it's creative - it's out of the box, you can’t learn how to do it because its already inside of YOU!.

 As an Energetic Healer, Teacher and Master Coach - I will assist and lead you back into your imagination so you can feel the joy of being free once again, and then you will be able to create your dreams in reality.

I will help you transform all areas of life—beginning with your relationship with self, then all relationships - including romantic, family, health, business, abundance and freedom.  

When you are living and acting from your imagination - all is possible.


  The “VOICE YOUR IMAGINATION” program starts on July 14th (7–8pm EST).

 In this 8-Week training, I will mentor, coach and guide you deeper into your imagination and rid yourself of out-dated programming that has kept you from your truth. 

 This is a course that will take you into a world beyond limitation - where all things that you have dreamed of come true.  

 We will Dig deep, heal a lot, create a ton, and leap into what’s next for you!


8-week program- $399

Space is limited to the first 10

 And e will work on 

1.     Energy Cleaning (clearing old beliefs and Aligning Inner/Outer Worlds)

2.     Opening your specific Imagination and Raising Higher Frequencies

3.     Self Expression & Communication 

4.     Clarity on your Imagination and Creating it as Reality

5.     Curiosity & Exploration of your Inner knowing

6.    Power and Truth being spoken in the form of Manifestation, Money and Mission


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