About Love, SARAH

Love, Sarah is a foundation that stands for True and Authentic Freedom. 

The Freedom - to be all of you.

 Freedom is a word that has been overused and many who stand for it don’t truly experience it.

Freedom is an inside and an outside job.  In order to know it, experience it and sustain it, people must acknowledge the parts of themselves and their relationships that are not free. 

 Most people aren’t even yet aware that they aren’t free.  The world we live in has never known real freedom.

Back in the day- things seemed easier, safer and more peaceful, and although true (and I appreciate those times), there was a lot of denials and people never looked inside to explore their deeper emotions.

Those times were more about just getting along even if that meant being quiet and not speaking our hearts. Relationships lasted but were based in “let's not look at our stuff,” and just live in peace where much is suppressed and denied.  Men were in charge and the woman took care of the house, meals, and was the good wife and woman. 

 Then we went into the other paradigm where many decided to look at their shadow parts and heal.  Which is great but most are taking it to the extreme and if not careful, you can get caught in a web of emotions.  Also, more people are giving up on relationships, and being more selfish. This is coming from fear and they don’t even realize it.  Woman have taken the control and men have taken a back seat. 

 We went from one world where men were in control and woman did for them to the woman being in control and men doing for the woman.

 Both worlds cause a loss of power.

 We are meant to live in balance. Both masculine and feminine playing a part, co-existing and powerfully creating together, not competing with each other.

Imagine if we lived in harmony while healing, and rebuilding a new world.  One of true love.  One where people heal themselves, help others heal, and set a new paradigm where we all get along support, and honor one another. This is the way we are truly meant to live.

 We have to be willing to give up being competitive, and needing it to just be about what can we get!

 We all have to make the choice to surrender to our soul's greater plan- which is the creation of heaven on earth.

 How we do start to find this balance?

First, we have to be willing to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that are not open, stubborn, unhealed, that need to be right, the parts that want to make it about you and what you can get. 

Then, you make the choice to have balance and freedom in yourself and your relationships no matter what, and you ask your higher self/soul/Source to assist you and lead the way.  From there all will unfold and open for you.  I always suggest a mentor or guide. Love, Sarah has support for you if needed (we truly have the best coaches, healers, and mentors. They are beyond reliable, educated, and developed to assist you). Reach to[email protected] for more info.

 Also, Love, Sarah Productions has created a 12-step program specifically designed to assist you with your Visions to come to fruition.  Whether it be to heal, to build a business, to break through something or many old patterns, etc, this program is here to assist you.

 This program was created by Sarah Love and Jason Botts, and each step has come through them for the greater good of humanity.  Sarah has seen, felt, and known “heaven on earth,” and has come to show you the way.  Jason supports her and so many others with his brilliantly unique methods to taming the monkey mind.

Both are highly developed coaches, speakers, teachers, and healers in their own right.

 Sarah is here to help others not only heal but get on board with the Love, Sarah movement of Heaven on Earth.  



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