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How does Love, SARAH Healing serve your Business?

SARAH is an energetic network that helps businesses grow by raising the frequency of you and all that has to do with your company.  

SARAH is a network that holds the energy of success, play and LOVE in each in every person and their company creating a sustainable, creative, and an even more prosperous company. 

SARAH works remotely on the energy of the business, helping to clear old patterns, belief systems, and lower frequencies and adding in higher frequency keycodes as well as blessing it with the highest of energy possible for the good of all involved!

SARAH also does a coaching call with the owners of the company monthly. This is a strategy call to help manifest their visions for themselves, the company, and assist with whatever is missing and needs to be worked on. The businesses intention each day is set and worked on remotely (m-f), agreements with the employees and clients are cleared and upgraded daily and you personally of course

This provides an increase in your company's frequencies as the planet evolves, bringing harmony to your staff, a growth in your revenue, and an overall company of the highest integrity .

Sarah’s mission is pure Love, Prosperity, and Healing with EASE!

SARAH is a powerful coach, teacher,  healer, and entrepreneur.

Sarah learned at the age of 38, the difference between doing business with control versus doing business from a place of power.  She was always able to manifest and build anything.  However, she spent most of her life (in the past) doing it from control and this caused it all to breakdown.  If you want to sustain your business and grow it consistently, then it must be based in true love and from your soul.  Anything else is coming from a place of fear and force, and this will fall apart in time. 

Our world is evolving and raising in consciousness and how we do our business must reflect our truth and hearts. 

Let SARAH assist you, heal your company, and bless it with its light and love!

Imagine if everyone on your team isn’t at the certain frequency as the company, the agreements will drag on, things will breakdown, or you may move too fast, you may not be heard, things basically won’t flow and expand as easily.

SARAH works remotely with all of the company's energy, and those who are not in alignment with where the company is going will naturally fall away, allowing communication and productivity to sync and flow, with ease and grace.

SARAH works from a place of integrity and honesty.  As we know true integrity leads to unimaginable gifts and opportunities. 

You will grow, flourish, and release that which no longer serves you as a person, and as a company. You may change some. You will release many things that no longer serve you, so you can step into something bigger and in alignment with your soul's purpose. It will all be worth it  and then some!

Payment-You will pay SARAH 10% of your companies profits for 1 year.  Your payment will be due on the 15th of each month. On the 15th of the 11th month of you with Love, Sarah, you will have an opportunity to renew your contract and continue working with her.  

Your payment will go to the Love, SARAH Foundation and towards the distribution of higher-self based educational training for kids that will teach them what we wish we would have learned and school and much more.  

Apply to have your Business join the growing List of Mission-Based Companies going up in Frequency and Transforming the World in Love and Authenticity.

Email the Love, SARAH Foundation for more Info


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